Constantly deliver customized offers to your customers
Customer-centric eCommerce means that your relationship with a subscriber is just starting when they give you their credit card. Create customized plans and offers and manage their history of plan changes, upsells, and declines.

Flexible Billing

Rapidly launch gift subscriptions, custom plans that change on every renewal, or combine one-time sales with subscriptions for hybrid offers.

Complex Couponing & Discounting

Deliver highly-personalized coupons or discounts to segments of customers that can be targeted by product, stacked together, or time-limited.

Granular Reporting

Predictive subscription analytics let you evaluate the future impact of your offers on customer segments.

Power automated subscription lifecycle communications
Fully customizable email templates mapped to key moments during the subscriber journey give you the ability to interact with customers at scale. Send welcome emails at signup, notify customers before billing events or trial expiration and more.
Give your customers a self-service option
LimeLight’s membership portal provides a simple option for customers to log in and manage their own billing or shipping information or change plans. Use our out-of-the box solution or build a fully custom experience using our API.
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Reduce customer churn caused by failed payments
Every subscription business encounters credit card declines as customers change their cards or cards expire. LimeLight offers tools to automatically test for card information before billing cycles and send automated customer communications before billing if an update is necessary. Customize intervals and view reporting for recovered revenue in our dashboards.
Deliver great customer service
Give your customer success team the power to keep your customers satisfied. Change shipping or billing information, upgrade or downgrade plans, or customize product quantities or variants. Issue gift subscriptions, adjust balances, apply discounts, and cancel subscriptions to keep customers happy.
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