Tom Whalley

Tom Whalley is The Wire: Stripped’s producer, and like Kobi and Dave, he is prolific in the podcast game.

After taking a break for over 10 years at the end of the Not In Nottingham podcast, he’s now one of the producers of The Cycling Podcast, as well as being the sole producer of Bespoke Weekly and The MMA Show for the BBC. Some of you may also know him as “T-Bone”, that is if you ever listen to The Huey Show on BBC 6Music, which he’s produced for the last 6 years or so.

When he’s not deep in an edit, Tom can be found racing his bicycle for High Peak Cycles RT, or training in and around the Peak District.

When Tom got the first two of his three cats, 7 years ago, he named them Detective William “Bunk” Moreland and Detective Jimmy McNulty, and finally, that decision has paid off!

Dave Corkery

Dave Corkery is an Irishman living in London. He first watched The Wire ten years ago because somebody said he should. He went through the whole five series in a month, because he was a student at the time and it seemed like the right thing to do. He has no regrets about that, except perhaps for the lack of sleep and personal hygiene.

When he’s not talking about The Wire, he’s recording his walk home from the cinema with his wife Cathy, on their award-winning podcast The Cinemile. He also talks shite on the podcast Shitegeist with his co-host Joe Kiely.

Kobi Omenaka

When Kobi first got into “The Wire” he used to make DVD copies of the show to give to his friends so that he would have someone to talk about the show with!

Little did he know that this bizarre behaviour laid the foundations hosting a podcast, that is heard in places from UK and USA, to Rwanda to Iceland all about his favourite TV show – The Wire.

As well as hosting on “The Wire: Stripped” Kobi also hosts Flixwatcher – a Netflix Film Club podcast and The Kobestarr Digital Podcast, which relates to his day job as a digital marketer.