Jennifer Wood, Editor of Mental Floss talked to Kobi about The Wire, and The Golden Age of television in general. We talked about Mental Floss’ Book “The Curious Viewer” all about the most Bingeworthy Television! You can read more about the book here and buy it from all good book shops all around the world!


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PS – Sorry about Kobi’s Microphone – for some reason, it sounds no way near as good as it normally does.


Episode Synopsis

A reticent Avon readies his troops for war against Marlo. The press descends on Hamsterdam and Royce finally realizes his delay was a mistake. Carcetti is there to capitalize on the bad publicity for the Mayor. A vengeful Burrell ensures Colvin’s retirement is not comfortable. McNulty is devastated that Stringer was killed before he could arrest him but his spirits lift when he gets a chance to bring down Avon instead. With the information from Stringer, the Major Case Unit arrests Avon and most of his people. Cutty struggles to keep his young boxers off the corners as the Stanfield organization enjoys its victory. McNulty leaves the Major Case Unit to patrol the Western District.


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