Many people ask us about the full interviews that we splice up to make this podcast. They also ask how they can support the podcast! We decided to offer the interviews up as Patreon Gifts and use that money to support a charity connected to The Wire so…


We launched a Patreon 👉WWW.PATREON.COM/THEWIRESTRIPPED 👈 and will be donating money to the Ella Thompson Fund, which is supported by The Wire and its production team.


This episode is a repost and an example of the types of interviews that we will be sharing ONLY with our Patreon supporters! We hope you enjoy it and decide to join us there!


The first Patreon exclusive interview there is a full interview with Chris Bauer talking exclusively to us about his role as “Frank Sobotka” in Season 2.



**Spoilers for all 5 seasons of The Wire – proceed with caution**


We were lucky enough to speak with Wendell Pierce aka “The Bunk” about his time before, during and after The Wire. We chat about how he first got the part of Bunk Moreland, his favourite scenes and season and what he initially thought of the show after watching the first episodes!


Wendell talks candidly about his relationship with Dominic West and how they bounced off each other from the start through to, his regrets and the moment that he nearly quit the show.


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