“…a little slow, a little late.” – Avon Barksdale

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This episode contains the voices of: 

– Scroobius Pip (The Distraction Pieces Podcast)

– Gabriela Jones (Podcast Producer at The Guardian)

– Professor David Nutt (Psychiatrist and Neuropsychopharmacologist )

– Andrew Johnstone (Maryland native and Academic)

– “Paul” (Former heroin addict from Baltimore, Maryland)


Storyline 1: Prez is no Longer “A Hump”

The judge signs the affidavit and the cloned pager is up and running. Freamon points out that they’re not real numbers – it’s a code. Prez cracks the code.

Storyline 2: Herc and Carver Chase down Bodie

Herc and Carv chase down Bodie and bring him for processing. They try “Good Cop/Bad Cop” on him, but it goes hilariously wrong. As they wait for the juvenile intake, they end up shooting pool with him.

Storyline 3: Omar Comin’

Bubbles tells Kima and McNulty about Omar’s van, and they stake it out, hoping to catch him with a gun and turn him informant. They parlay at a graveyard. McNulty reveals that Bailey has been killed, and Omar reveals that a guy called Bird killed William Gant, and that he knows Bubbles is their CI.


Storyline 1: Paranoid Barksdale

The cold open shows us just how paranoid and careful Barksdale is. Stringer and Barksdale discuss that a corner is wide open and Stinkum should run it. He takes D’Angelo to see his brother in a nursing home, and stresses how unpredictable life can be.

Storyline 2: D’Angelo and the corner

D’Angelo gets a lecture from String about trying to find the snitch. Bodie throws a bottle at Wallace for not being on his guard. Later, Poot and Wallace spot Brandon in an arcade and phone it in.


Key Scenes

  • Prez – starts to come good
  • Capturing Brandon – the pager clones start working
  • Johnny Weeks is back and he has “The Bug”
  • D’Angelo goes to posh dinner with Donnette (baby moma) but then asks Shardene from Orlandos out on a date

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