“…and all the pieces matter.” – Freamon

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This episode contains the voices of:

– Lance Reddick on one of his favourite scenes, with a drunken Polk

– Huey Morgan on the authenticity of the fashion

– Scroobius Pip on D’Angelo’s terrible fashion

– Cathy Cullen from The Cinemile on Team Freamon and Prez

– Ex-heroin addict “Paul” on the realities of copper-scrounging

– Andrew Johnstone on the real-life cameos

– Production assistant Damond Gordon on the gory makeup behind Brandon’s death

The Police

Storyline 1: Prez and Freamon – a winning team – The Wiretap starts

The wiretap is up and running and Freamon notes a high amount of activity the night before – when Brandon died. He also schools Prez on what’s pertinent and non-pertinent. They also get Stinkum’s pager number.

Rawls finds out that McNulty and Bunk have linked D’Angelo to three murder cases and presses them for an arrest warrant, which will kill the case. They appeal to Daniels, who is initially reluctant, but eventually stands up to Rawls and get the Deputy involved, buying them another month.

Storyline 2: Omar starts turning “Snitch”

McNulty gets a call from Omar that he wants to see Brandon’s body. McNulty has the boys and brings them along with Omar to the morgue. An upset Omar starts to flip – heading to the office and agreeing to be an eye-witness to the murder of Gant by Bird.

The Street

Storyline 1: Brandon’s Body and Wallace’s reaction

The show opens on Brandon’s brutally murdered body. Happening offscreen makes it even more powerful. The sight is seriously affecting Wallace, even when he gets rewarded $500 by String and Avon. D’Angelo reminds him that “killing is part of the game”. D’Angelo tells Wallace that two of the lookouts had been thieving, but he kept it wrapped up and moved them off.

Storyline 2: Bodie and Juvenile Court

Maurice Levy defends Bodie in court and he gets off very lightly. Herc and Carv find out that he’s back out and beat him down, assuming he’s escaped again. He says the juvey system is a joke and asks them to give him a lift to his grandmother’s and he’ll call it even.

Storyline 3: Johnny Weeks and the CopperHouse Job

Johnny is out of medical care and back on the streets – he wrangles Bubbles into stealing some copper pipes with him – faking a traffic accident. They sell it on and buy some dope – but Johnny is arrested. “That boy got no luck”

Last Appearances

– Brandon

Memorable Quotes/Scenes

– The intro to Wallace’s home

– Daniels chewing out Rawles

– Bodie’s trial – “I’m ready to be good”

– Brandon on the hood/bonnet like a hunting trophy

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