“Come at the King, You best not miss.” – Omar

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This episode features the voices of:

– Frankie Faison (Deputy Commissioner Burrell) on how a city can be ruled by politics

– Lance Reddick (Lieutenant Daniels) on Daniels’ shady past

– Brandon Price (Stinkum) on how difficult it was to film his death scene

– Chris Clanton (Savino) on having to leave the party scene because he was underage at the time

– Cathy Cullen (Dave’s wife and co-host on The Cinemile) on McNulty’s bad parenting

– Jonathan Abrams (author of “All the Pieces Matter: The Inside Story of The Wire”) on Stringer Bell’s education

– Andrew Johnstone (academic and podcaster) on how Stringer and Avon are two sides of a perfect character

– Huey Morgan (podcaster at Huey: Off The Record) on the Barksdale family

– Damond Gordon (production assistant on The Wire) on that iconic Omar line

Storyline 1: Stringer Bell is a different type of gangster

We see Stringer Bell attending Community College Introduction to Macro Economics and then starts to show the guys in the copy shop what he has learnt straight away. He talks about de-escalating the violence after Stinkum dies, but is disregarded by Avon.

Storyline 2: Catching Clay Davis’ Driver

Senator Clay Davis’ Driver is caught in the drug zone taking $20k from Littleman but Deputy Comissioner Burrell sets him free. They are told to shut down the detail by the end of the week. McNulty and Greggs call to Judge Phelan and he tells Deputy Commissioner off and threatens him with “contempt” for not wanting to run the wire tap for a full 60 days…

Storyline 3: Omar Kills Stinkum

Weebay and Stinkum set out of kill a couple of rival drug dealers and think its going to be an easy take out. Omar has other ideas and ambushes them, killing Stinkum. The Bounty on Omars head goes up to $10k. Omar is brought in to chat to The Detail and scopes out Orlando’s whilst there.

Storyline 4: The party gets out of hand

Wee Bay, Stinkum and LittleMan have a party – it gets out of hand and one of the ladies dies. It appears to seriously affect D’Angelo.

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