“Maybe we won.” – Herc.

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Featuring the voices of:

–         Scroobius Pip (Distraction Pieces Podcast) on the basketball truce

–         Micaiah Jones (Little Man on The Wire) on how the basketball game brought the neighbourhood together

–         Joe Kiely (Dave’s co-host on Shitegeist) on the importance of games in The Wire

–         Gabriela Jones (podcast producer at The Guardian) on her personal experiences with addiction

–         Professor David Nutt (psychiatrist and neuropsychopharmacologist) on how governments have failed addicts

–         Andrew Johnstone (academic and podcaster) on how Herc and Carver are the cops you’re most likely to meet

Storyline 1: The East vs West Game

A lot of things happen off the basis of this game! The Cops didn’t know who Avon was until this point. Prop Joe for the East and the Barksdale for the West. Both bring ringers to the game and Prop Joe plays a better hustler game. Avon shows up the cops when then try to follow him and he is wise to them and waves past Daniels, waggling the finger!

Storyline 2: The Smart Cops

Freamon, Sydnor and Prez start following the elaborate paper trail. Freamon seems pleased to be requesting 200 pages of paper trail.

Storyline 3: The “Dumb” Cops

Herc and Carver catch Weebay and confiscate money. They consider keeping it, but ultimately don’t. They realise too late that some of the money slipped out of the bag in the car and Daniels rips them a new one.

Storyline 4: Bubs on the straight and narrow

Through a series of incidences in this episode we see Bubbles starting to turn his back on The Game. After nearly getting beaten up for stealing crappy drugs, he chats to Waylan about recovery and goes to see his sister.

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