“And then he dropped the bracelets…” – Greggs

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Featuring the voices of:

  • Wendell Pierce (The Bunk) on how the cast fought with David Simon to save Kima’s life
  • Frankie Faison (Dept Commissioner Burrell) on his views about Burrell as a character
  • Riggsy (Detective in the UK Law Enforcement) on how stakeouts actually work!
  • Chris Clanton (“Savino” on The Wire) telling us about setting up the Orlando and Kima shooting
  • Damond Gordon (Production Assistant) on shooting the Kima and Orlando shooting
  • Joe Kiely (Dave’s co-host on Shitegeist) on the scene that “gets” to him the most in Season 1
  • Professor David Nutt (psychiatrist and neuropsychopharmacologist) on how detox works
  • Andrew Johnstone (academic and podcaster) on Kima Greggs

Storyline 1: Orlando Gets Stung Gets stung and sets up the Undercover Buy/Bust and dies. Kima gets shot

Despite everyone’s better judgement Orlando decides to hook up with his “connect” so that he can buy his own drugs and try and enter The Game more. This immediately backfires as Orlando’s connect is an undercover cop unconnected with Daniels’ detail.

The Detail under pressure from command operate a “buy bust” sting operation where Kima goes undercover in a bid to witness the exchange. The team did not realise that this was gang killing and Kima gets shot in the crossfire

Storyline 2: McNulty finds Wallace

The Detail hears that Wallace is in trouble and realise that they could “flip” him

Storyline3: They Find the Main Stash

Syndors’ skills come to the forefront and he stumbles across what turns out to be the Barksdale’s Stash House – queue another stakeout and Prez manages to get some sunlight!

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