“Dope on the damn table.” – Daniels

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This episode features the voices of:

  • Miciah Jones (Little Man) on how Wee Bay would actually have killed him! (Even though it happened off screen)
  • Frankie Faison (Dept Commissioner Burrell) on being a more sympathetic character than people tend to believe
  • Hannah and Jen (The “Standard Issue” Podcast) on being fearful for Bubbles!
  • Dave Pickering (“Getting Better Acquainted” and “The Family Tree” podcasts ) rooting for Kima and both sides of “The Game”
  • Damond Gordon (Production Assistant on “The Wire”) on not knowing whether D’Angelo would sleep with the fishes or not
  • Joe Kiely (Dave’s co-host on Shitegeist) on Rawl’s eloquence
  • Gabriela Jones (podcast producer at “The Guardian Newspaper”) on Bubbles
  • Luke Moore (Radio Stakhanov and “The Football Ramble”) on Wee-Bay and D’Angelo
  • “Jane” (A listener from Baltimore) on real threats of violence against her

Storyline 1: Kima Aftermath – Bubbles gets beat up

The Cops band together after Kima gets shot. Freamon is obviously ace/ Bunk and crew chasing the shooters trail.

Storyline 2: Bubbs gets beat down

Bubbs gets brought in and beat down by a cop that doesn’t know his history with Kima. McNulty turns him loose but doesnt help him out in the same way that Kima was

Storyline3: The streets batten down the hatches

After realising a cop was taken down the gang take precautionary measures. Weebay is told to kill Little Man. Servino accepts some jail time and Weebay heads to Philly

Storyline4: The guys in command pull rank

The Guys in command – Burrell and the other chap above him are reeling after kima and call for “Dope on the Table”. We see the commissioner come to the hospital.

The command find out that the detail knows about the main stash and tell the detail to break it in!

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