This is me, yo, right here. – Wallace

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  • Tray Chaney (Poot) on killing Wallace and saying goodbye to Michael B Jordan
  • Isiah Whitlock Jr (Senator Clay Davis) on auditioning and not knowing his character arc
  • Lance Reddick (Daniels) on Larry Gilliard Jr
  • Damond Gordon (Production Assistant on “The Wire”) on the final scenes with Michael B Jordan
  • Luke Moore (Radio Stakhanov and “The Football Ramble”) on Wallace
  • Jonathan Abrams (Author “All the Pieces Matter”) on how the creators fought to shoot Wallace “properly”
  • Andrew Johnstone (Academic and Marylandian) on what “Poot” really means

Storyline 1: The Streets start cleaning up

The streets are reeling from the main stash being hit. “Any body who could hurt you could be put into play”. They write a list of people and start ticking them off.. including Wallace

Storyline 2: The politics people get scared

Political candidates start handing back campaign financing as they are scared that it would lead to allegations of corruption.

Storyline 3: The police are aware of the clean up 

They try their best to protect people once they realise that the streets are trying to clean up. They cannot protect Wallace. As the wire is down they look to bug Orlandos.

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