“The king stay the king.” – D’Angelo

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This episode contains the voices of: 

– Lance Reddick (Daniels)

– Frankie Faison (Burrell)

– Jonathan Abrams (Author: All The Pieces Matter, The True Story of The Wire)

– Joe Kiely (Shitegiest Podcast)

– Andrew Johnstone (Maryland Native and Academic)

– Iszi Lawrence (BBC Radio 4 Host, Podcaster and Comedian)

Storyline 1: A Picture of Barksdale

McNulty asks Polk and Mahone to get off their fat arses and do something. Go down to the City Housing Department and get a picture of Barksdale. They bring back a picture of a middle-aged white guy. “Maybe he’s white” Kima says, and she and McNulty laugh.

She lists off what they have on Barksdale – just a DOB and that he’s clean and once made “Golden Gloves”.

Freeman’s ears pick up at this, and he starts digging around.

Then does that total badass thing with the poster.

Storyline 2: Daniels and the Politics

Daniels attends a meeting with the Commissioner following the fallout from Prez being an idiot.

We first meet Valchek – his father-in-law, a complete slime. The Deputy Commissioner describes him as “a necessary evil”

Daniels decides to play ball, reluctantly.

Storyline 3: The Bust

Daniels is forced into doing a bust on the low-rises, despite McNulty’s protests. They find absolutely nothing, because the stash-house has been moved.

Mahone gets punched by Bodie and Herc, Carver and Kima go to town on him.

Storyline 4: Omar Comin’

We see Omar and his crew scoping out the joint. They then raid the low-rises during the re-up, and D’Angelo is chewed out by Weebay for being out getting sandwiches when it happened.

Discussion Points

– First appearance of Omar

– First appearance of Valchek

– FBI dude tells McNulty Daniels is dirty

– D’Angelo and Stringer in the Orlando Club – backroom – cash

– The chess scene

Key Characters

– Bubbles

– Stringer Bell

First Appearances

– Omar

– Valcheck

Memorable Quotes/Scenes

– Bubbles pointing out all the things wrong with Sydnor’s undercover wear. It’s all in the shoes – “dead soldiers”

– “Yo can’t be playing no checkers on no chessboard” – D’Angelo

– “We do worse, and we get paid more.” – Stringer Bell

– “What the fuck did I do?” – McNulty – 2nd time

– McNulty facing off against Daniels and refusing to participate in the bust

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