“Thin line ‘tween heaven and here.” – Bubbles

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This episode contains the voices of: 

– Wendell Pierce (Bunk Moreland)

– Gabriela Jones (Podcast Producer at The Guardian)

– Jonathan Abrams (Author: All The Pieces Matter, The True Story of The Wire)

– Andrew Johnstone (Maryland Native and Academic)

– Iszi Lawrence (BBC Radio 4 Host, Podcaster and Comedian)

Storyline 1: Lester Freamon Becomes Even More Badass

Kima and McNulty try to flip some witnesses from the busts, but nobody is interested. The judge presses the deputy commissioner for results, and the wire tap/pager idea gets the go-ahead. Back in the office, Greggs explains that they have a case for “exhaustion” which would give them enough to clone a pager. Freamon drops another badass bomb by revealing he already has D’Angelo’s pager number.

Storyline 2: Deirdre Kresson Case

McNulty and Bunk get landed with a cold case that Jay insists might be linked to D’Angelo – they do him a favour and take a look into it. The “fuck” scene happens. It ties in directly with the story D’Angelo tells Bodie and Wallace.

Storyline 3: The Hit Goes out on Omar

Omar and his crew are celebrating their victory on the streets. We realise that Brandon is Omar’s lover. Brandon apologises for using Omar’s name. Omar gives a free fix to a mother – like Robin Hood of the Projects.

Meanwhile, Barksdale, Stinkum, Weebay and String are shooting hoops and casually decide to put a hit on Omar. They mock him for being gay. String says he’s worried there’s a leak in D’Angelo’s crew.


Discussion Points

  • The “Fuck” scene
  • Bodie Escapes from prison
  • “D” – talks about the Deirdre Kresson Case as if he did it…
  • Mahone “retires”, Polk nearly throws himself off the stairs

Key Characters

  • Lestor Freamon
  • Jay Landsman


  • The episode opens with Herc struggling to get a desk into Daniels’s office. The other officers attempt to help, but many wind up pushing in the wrong direction, hindering rather than helping. In an interview, David Simon pointed out that this is a metaphor for his opinion of the general state of policework in Baltimore.
  • David Simon has said that, when working on the book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets, Jay Landsman and he discussed the possibility that homicide detectives would be able to communicate solely through the word “fuck”. Years later, in this episode, he fulfilled this fantasy by having Bunk and McNulty successfully work a crime scene, communicating only through that word.
  • Lance Reddick auditioned for the roles of Bunk and Bubbles first…

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