“A man must have a code.” – Bunk.

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This episode contains the voices of:

– Micaiah Jones (“Little Man” in The Wire) on Bubbles and the red hat

– Huey Morgan (from podcast Huey: Off the Record) on why pagers were a thing

– Scroobius Pip (from the Distraction Pieces Podcast) on “When Omar Met Bunk”

– Former heroin addict “Paul” on cops trying to blend in

– UK Detective “Riggsy” on the realities of surveillance police work

Storyline 1 – Catching Bird

Bunk and McNulty chase down more leads on the Gant case and get help from an old lady. She helps to confirm that it’s Bird with the description. Omar gives Kima and McNulty some valuable info about about about how to get bird. Bubs employs his “hat trick”

Storyline 2: Breaking the Code – Chasing Stinkum

Prez shows more and more skills at breaking the code. The gang (Gregs, Sydnor, Herc and Carver) chase down the Re-Up with Stinkum and the kid in the low rises. They catch the kid and Prez freaks out in the office. This leads the Barksdale crew to realising that something ain’t right and they pull out the payphones.

Storyline3: Santangelo and Rawls

Rawls puts pressure on Santangelo. Clear a case or spill the goods on McNulty. Landsman and Cole send him to a clairvoyant/Gypsy. Omar helps clear a old case of his and Santangelo lets McNulty know that Rawls is after his ass.

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