“They can chew you up, but they gotta spit you out.” – McNulty

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This episode features the voices of:

  • Gerard Ender (Sam) on his famous death in The Wire
  • Al Brown (Stan Valcheck) on his son in law, Prez.
  • Jeffrey Pratt Gordon (Johnny Fifty) – trying to cheat on Irish breakfasts
  • Antonio D Charity (Prison Offices Tilghman) – on vendettas
  • James Dyer (Empire Magazine and Pilot TV Magazine) on human trafficking
  • Chris Hewitt (Empire Magazine) on pettiness
  • Andrew Johnstone (Podcaster and Marylander) the can of dead girls
  • Dave Pickering (Podcaster on Getting Better Acquainted and The Family Tree) on stained glass windows

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Episode Synopsis

McNulty is “went where he didn’t want to go” aka harbor patrol with Diggsy. He discovers a corpse “floater” in the harbor and pays back Colonel Rawls by proving City Homicide are responsible for the investigation.

Major Valchek is pissed off when the boss of a local stevedore union named Frank Sobotka donates a more impressive gift to a local church. Sobotka meets with other union leaders and learns that a crucial pier is still in a state of disrepair. Sobotka instructs his nephew Nick to see The Greek regarding payment for a unknown container that he is smuggling through the port.

Later, Port Police Officer “Beadie” Russell stumbles across The Greek’s container and discovers the bodies of over a dozen young women inside.


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Season 2 Images from Cris Sutera: www.crissutera.co.uk

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