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This episode features the voices of:

  • Alexa Fogel (Casting Director on The Wire) on casting Ziggy
  • Melanie Nicholls-King (Cheryl) on the similarities between Cheryl and Kima compared to Daniels and Marla
  • Kelli R Brown (Kimmi) on joining Omar’s crew
  • Chris Bauer (Frank Sobotka) on Frank’s nephew Nicky
  • Michael Kostroff (Maury Levy) on the phrase “you people”
  • Leo Fitzpatrick (Johnny Weeks) – on his character nearly being killed in the first 3 episodes
  • Damond Gordon (Production Assistant on the Wire) on Avon being a smart killer
  • Andrew Johnstone (Podcaster and Marylander) on millenials trying to buy houses in Baltimore

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Episode Synopsis

“D” confronts Avon about the Hot Shots and washes his hands of the business. Avon brokers a deal to give up the CO Tilghman for a reduced sentence. Valchek specifically requests Lieutenant Daniels for the Sobotka investigation. Daniels negotiates with Burrell and secures the promise of his own major crimes unit after the Sobotka investigation ends. Sobotka chastises his son and nephew about their unauthorized smuggling deal with the Greeks; he defends his own illicit deals as a means toward regenerating the ailing dockyard. Ziggy continues to enjoy his new-found wealth with a silly jacket and hat combo. McNulty takes a personal interest in the murdered women and is pressured to find Omar for Bunk and we get a sneak peak at Bubbles and Johnny Weeks.


Theme tune by Sam and Martin from Song by Song Podcast: www.songbysongpodcast.com

Season 2 Images from Cris Sutera: www.crissutera.co.uk

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