“They used to make steel there, no?” – Spiros Vondas

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This episode features the voices of:

  • Reign (Frog) on rapping with Method Man
  • Alexa Fogel (Casting Director on The Wire) on casting Method Man
  • Jeffrey Pratt Gordon (Johnny Fifty) on Chris Bauer’s powerhouse perform
  • Hannah and Jen (Standard Issue Podcast) on Beadie Russell
  • Leo Fitzpatrick (Johnny Weeks) – on never having seen the Wire!
  • Andrew Johnstone (Podcaster and Marylander) on community colleges in Baltimore

Thanks to Sonix for helping transcribe all these interviews. Get your 100 free minutes of transcription with Sonix using this link https://sonix.ai/invite/stripped


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Episode Synopsis

Ziggy’s inability to move a package of drugs costs him his Camaro “Princess” and nearly his life as he falls foul of East side dealers Frog and Cheese. Seeing his cousin in danger, Nick attempts to parley with one of the dealers but discovers that they have torched Ziggy’s car.

Daniels sends Herc, Carver and Kima out for some hand-to-hands as they half-heartedly step up their investigation of the docks. Officer Russell gets information from Maui who indicates that the union computer may be useful in tracking containers. Sobotka’s frustration with the Greeks begins to grow as he is once again denied a meeting with their boss, remaining defiant even when his payment for smuggling each container is tripled. Donette visits D’Angelo and tells him that he is being supported; D’Angelo remains cynical.

The Barksdale family’s drug trade continues to falter because of supply problems.


Theme tune by Sam and Martin from Song by Song Podcast: www.songbysongpodcast.com

Season 2 Images from Cris Sutera: www.crissutera.co.uk

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