“It don’t matter that some fool say he different…” – D’Angelo

This episode features the voices of:


·      Michael Kostroff (Maurice Levy) on being scared of Omar

·      Melanie Nicholls-King (Cheryl) on the strip club scene

·      Damond Gordon (Production Assistant – The Wire) on telling D’Angelo he might die

·      Joe Kiely (Shitegeist podcast) on D’Angelo being metaphorically suffocated

·      Hannah and Jen (Standard Issue podcast) on D’Angelo’s death


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Episode Synopsis

In court, Omar identifies Bird and the weapon used to kill William Gant. Levy subjects Omar to a harsh cross-examination, but Omar quickly turns the tables. After the jury returns a guilty verdict, Judge Phelan sentences Bird to life in prison.


Freamon and Prez find a paper trail through campaign finance records linking the union to $70,000 in contributions. Beadie suggests that the union is making extra money by facilitating smuggling through the port. Daniels reassigns Prez and Greggs to focus on the vice trade, and Freamon works with Russell and Bunk looking at container movements. Beadie and Freamon are able to tie the missing containers to Horseface.


Kima meets with Shardene for help tracking down Eastern European girls working in the vice trade. She discusses her strip club assignment with Cheryl, who insists on tagging along. A friend of Shardene’s tells the detectives that there is a madam who organizes the girls and keeps them at a motel, where they are under guard when not working.


Nick asks Vondas for help with Ziggy’s problems with Cheese. Serge then arranges a meeting with Proposition Joe, who agrees to compensate Ziggy for the torched car. Nick, Ziggy, and Johnny Fifty deliver the chemicals in exchange for drugs. Tempted by the additional payoff and Ziggy’s pleas, Nick opts to take half the payment in cash and the rest in drugs. After a union meeting, Nick goes to the bar and gives Ziggy his compensation. Ziggy lights a cigarette with a $100 bill, causing Frank to leave in disgust. Outside, he asks Ziggy where he got his money and how he got his bruises.


Stringer delivers an envelope of cash to Leech, a contact from Washington, D.C., concerning a contract killing. Brianna visits D’Angelo and tries to persuade him to use Avon’s set-up of Tilghman to shave time from his sentence. D’Angelo refuses, reminding his mother that she taught him to stand up for himself. He tells her to let him deal with things on his own and to take the fall for the Barksdale Organization. He then asks her to tell Stringer, Avon and Donette to leave him alone. D’Angelo passes Avon in the corridor and refuses to talk to him. While working in the prison library, D’Angelo is strangled to death by an inmate, who stages the body to make it look like a suicide.



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