“Don’t worry kid, you’re still on the clock.” – Horseface

This episode features the voices of:

·      Reign (Frog) on Herc and Carver’s tennis ball bug

·      Kelvin Davis (LaLa) on the dock workers pranking Ziggy

·      Dave Pickering (Podcaster – The Family Tree) on the aftermath of D’Angelo’s death

·      Mark Searby (Film Critic) on similarities with The Godfather


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Episode Synopsis

Rawls tries to get Daniels to take the Jane Doe homicides, and he initially refuses. But Freamon and Beadie convince him to take them on. Using the cloned computer at the docks, they then track irregularities in the containers handled by “Horseface” back to the Greeks’ warehouse. They watch the warehouse and see Sergei Malatov meeting with Proposition Joe.

Frank and Nick visit the diner to meet with The Greek; The Greek tells him to deliver more disappeared but clean containers to the warehouse to throw the police off the chase.

At D’Angelo’s funeral, Stringer discusses a business deal with Proposition Joe to revitalize the Barksdale organization, but Avon turns it down flat.


Theme tune by Sam and Martin from Song by

Song Podcast: www.songbysongpodcast.com

Season 2 Images from Cris Sutera: www.crissutera.co.uk


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