“I need to get clean.” – Sobotka

This episode features the voices of:

Chris Bauer (Frank Sobotka) on whether Ziggy is his actual son

Robert Hogan (Louis Sobotka) on acting opposite Chris Bauer

Kellie Brown (Kimmy) on being in Omar’s Crew

Damond Gordon (Production Assistant on The Wire) on working with Serge

Jesse Thorn (Maximum Fun Podcast Network) loving Beadie Russell

Dave Pickering (The Family Tree Podcast and Getting Better Acquainted) on what working class means in Baltimore

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Episode Synopsis

Stringer manipulates Omar into pursuing Brother Mouzone. Omar shoots Mouzone and then leaves him alive having realised his mistake.

The detail serves warrants on the targets of their investigation and they instigate a series of dawn raids. A raid of Nick’s home turns up large amounts of cash and heroin but Nick himself escapes arrest.

Frank Sobotka is arrested when the FBI, led by Valcheck, storms the union offices. Valchek ensures the press is there to see Sobotka embarrassed in a perp walk. Sobotka agrees to work with the investigation into the Greeks in exchange for leniency for Nick and Ziggy.

In the wake of the arrests the Greeks decide to cut their losses and leave Baltimore. Vondas lures Sobotka into danger by offering him a meeting with The Greek and a promise to help Nick and Ziggy. The Greek receives a warning of Sobotka’s plan from a contact in the FBI.


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