“Business. Always business.” – The Greek

This episode features the voices of:


  • Chris Bauer (Frank Sobotka) on how Season 2 is the MacBeth of The Wire
  • Robert Hogan (Louis Sobotka) on how classy The Wire was
  • Alexa Fogel (Casting Director – The Wire) on casting people whose characters are going to die
  • Joe Kiely (Podcaster – Shitegeist) on bodies in the water bookending the season
  • Chris Hewitt (Empire magazine) on Chris Bauer’s performance
  • Kelly and Bailey (ReWired podcast) on the elusiveness of the Greek
  • Damond Gordon (Production Assistant – The Wire) on not liking Season 2 the first time round
  • Andrew Johnstone (Podcaster) on Valchek’s reaction to Frank’s death
  • Hannah and Jen (Standard Issue podcast) on how Season 2 is a Western
  • Jesse Thorn (Maximum Fun podcast network) on how The Wire broke away from cop show tropes


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Kobi and Dave

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Episode Synopsis

The stevedores gather for work as a floating corpse is pulled from the water. Once it is ashore, they all recognize the body as Frank Sobotka.


The Greek stops pursuing Nick because the police are on his heels, and walks away from Baltimore. Nick talks to the police and positively identifies The Greek. Sergei sings and the police solve the Jane Does.


The FBI visits the union hall and tells them that they need to change their leadership or face decertification. The union remains loyal and seals the destruction of their future. Urban reform begins to hit Baltimore as the docks undergo construction.


Omar vows revenge against Stringer. Stringer cements his deal with Proposition Joe now that Mouzone is out of the way.


Bubbles is arrested and alerts Greggs and McNulty to the relationship between Proposition Joe and Stringer Bell in exchange for his release.




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Season 2 Images from Cris Sutera:



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