Call it a crisis of leadership.”โ€•Proposition Joe

Episode Synopsis

The Barksdale/Stanfield war continues to intensify with deaths on both sides. Avon refuses to accept Stringer’s advice to follow the co-op’s proposal for a truce. Brother Mouzone returns to Baltimore on a mission of revenge and casts a wide net in his search for Omar. Omar has his own plan for vengeance against Stringer. Carver gets some frank advice about his failings as an officer from Colvin. Colvin persuades the reporter that Herc has spoken with to hold his story on the tolerant zones. Colvin finally reveals his actions to his superiors. Burrell is incensed and takes the information straight to Mayor Royce. Royce is reluctant to shut the project down because of its success in reducing crime. When their first wiretaps go dead after just a few days the Major Case Unit are dismayed. Lester Freamon overcomes the problem by organizing to supply the Barksdale Organization with pre-wiretapped phones. Cutty opens a boxing gym for local children but finds his poor equipment and their behavior difficult to deal with.

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