There’s never been a paper bag.”โ€•Colvin

This episode features the voices of:


  • Robert Wisdom – Bunny Colvin
  • Melanie Nicholls King – Cheryl
  • Clarke Peters – Lester Freamon
  • Frankie Faison – Burrell
  • Aiden Gillen – Carcetti
  • Leo Fitzpatrick – Johnny Weeks
  • Professor David Nutt – Drug expert
  • Alexa Fogel – Casting Director for “The Wire”
  • Dave Pickering – (Podcaster)

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Episode Synopsis

The season starts midway into the Major Case Unit’s unsuccessful investigation into the Barksdale criminal enterprise. With their recent efforts fruitless, to the dismay of the squad, Pearlman and Daniels consider dropping the wiretaps. Carver finds himself in command of an incompetent group of policemen in the Western District. Bodie, Poot, and Puddin reminisce about their days living and working in the 221 tower before it is demolished in an effort to curb the drug trade.


At a Barksdale Organization meeting, new head enforcer Slim Charles suggests that more territory is required and should be taken by force if needed; Stringer maintains that product is the cornerstone of their operation. Dennis “Cutty” Wise, a legendary enforcer, is released from incarceration with an offer of work from Avon.



Theme tune by Sam and Martin from Song by Song Podcast:ย

Season 3 Images from Simon Devereux @DevzNoodles on Instagram

Tom Whalley – Exec Producer and Editor

Obe Joshua – Producer

Ben Williams – Editing



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